The Effect of Ballhandling Practice on the Ability to Play Basketball


The ability to carry a basketball (dribbling) is often considered a major ability in the success of playing basketball. Therefore, many coaches encourage practice by mastering a player's basketball dribbling. The aim of this research is to analyze the effect of ball handling exercises or ballhandling on basketball playing skills. This research comes from the problem which is to determine the effect of ballhandling practice on dribbling ability. The method used in this research is a quasi-experimental. With a sample of 28 people consisting of sports students. The results of this study were described using statistical analysis to determine the difference between pre and posttest. The results of the study stated that the average N-gain score for the research group was 5.8994 or 5.8%, which was included in the ineffective category with a minimum score of 0% and a maximum of 13.64%. These results confirm that the ballhandling training method is still not an important factor in assessing dribbling playing basketball. From the results of the analysis that has been carried out, it can be concluded that by using a ballhandling training program, it can still not increase and improve basketball dribbling skills. Moreover, a success in playing basketball is not only determined by the factor of dribbling ability, but there are many factors that influence it.

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Purnomo, E., Adnan, A., Soniawan, V., Haryanto, J., Fardi, A., Yendrizal, Y., & Firmansyah, R. (2021). The Effect of Ballhandling Practice on the Ability to Play Basketball. Jurnal Performa Olahraga, 6(2), 70–77.